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Posté le 08/06/2017
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Launching my new business...

Posté le 31/05/2016

So, many of you have asked me to stay in touch. Here is what's been happening since was created in early April 2016. 

Launching a new business is exciting but its lots of work that I was not skilled to do....I mean creating my branding (thanks to my increeeedible graphic artist,

structuring financially, registering the company (thanks to Me Nathalie Gagnon at, doing this website (yeah, I did it on my own, I'm proud... and my hosting provider is Canadian, finding clients and working on my mandates...and more I'm sure. 

So by BIGGG announcement: I have clients After only 6 weeks in business, a large company decided to trust me and I'm currently writing their mobility policy. I love this work.

I'm so used to working like a crazy woman that I feel I can do even more right now....

My main pitfall is to lose my focus and branch out all over the place.

Right now, I'm focusing my business development and my strengths: international HR in Europe-US-Canada-India. Thats what I know, that's what I love and there are lots of opportunities. I mean international can be done all over the globe but as I will be living in France in 5 years, I want to focus on that.

Oh, I wanted to tell you I have become a networking junkie...yes, yes...I make myself go out to places where I know no-one and you know what? To my surprise, there is always someone I know in each event and there is always a great conversation waiting to be had. 

I hope you are learning as much as I am....I feel I'm going through such a special time right now, its quite impressive. 

Leave a comment below, it will encourage me that you read and cared.

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