Team Coaching Program

Innovative Team Coaching – Coaching like you’ve never experienced it.

Your team is tired or stressed out, the performance is not there or they may need to face an unusual challenge.  An outside look brings a fresh new outlook and links skillsets with strategic goals and team performance. 

Our coaching practice is deeply anchored in concrete goal achievement. Based on the leader’s strategic plan, each team member will receive one on one coaching. Then the coaching will move to the entire team. First your coach will observe the team in its natural environment (regular meetings and interactions).  Then the coach will start making team interventions. The leader will calibrate and interact with the coach to make sure the coaching reaches its goals for the entire team.

The team will have to work hard together and be dedicated to acquiring new skillsets and behaviors helping them to reach their strategic business goals.

The program lasts for 3 months and typically kicks off with a 2-day workshop. Your team coach will be present each week. 


Individual Coaching

In each organisation, key individuals must be retained and developed. Transitioning from a current state to a new state whatever that may mean for each individual is what this program targets.

  • Need to develop a new leader?
  • Perhaps you have a very good leader needing to improve a certain aspect?
  • Need to retain a leader by offering them personal attention and development?

This program spans over 3 months with weekly one on one coaching. We will build a 12 week plan. The coachee will commit to putting him/herself into inspired action daily in order to generate results. Only the coachee can make that inspired step toward him/herself and their desired life and career.