Global Human Resources Program

International expansion is complex but exciting. It requires each team member to move into uncomfortable and sometimes unknown areas of their careers.

If your 5 year strategic plan includes any kind of expansion, if you find that you don’t have the needed skillset around the table to achieve your goal, you may need to hire a few leaders, in this case see our Finding Exceptional Leaders Program.

If you have the needed skillset and all you need is some expert advice on what not to forget and how to see your blind spot, our Global HR expertise can help.

  • 9Expatriation: policy and contract writing, immigration and taxation support, solving issues (yes, I mean messy issues)

  •  Expansions: identifying suppliers, working well inter-culturally with a new office

  • Risk mitigation: avoid most common mistakes that companies make when sending employees to a new site

  • International recruitment strategies

Our experience of 15 years doing international mandates, can help quite a few companies with their needs. Here are some examples of what we've been trusted to lead :

  • Managed 400 expats per year in 20 countries
  • Recruitment strategy Rusia, Brazil, Europe, Ukraine, Indonesia, India
  • Recruited and expatriated 200+ people to Shenyang, China
  • Handled compensation in Canada, UK, Morocco, India
  • Opened new office in Bangalore, India (10 years of cross-cultural success)
  • Supported US expansion